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Saudi young man drowns in a lake in US

Abdulrahman Al Anzi.

Gulf Today Report

A Saudi young man, who went missing days ago, had been declared dead by his family, after he had been found drowned in an American lake. It was said that Abdulrahman Al Anzi, had gone for a walk by a lake in Cleveland, Ohio, US, but he did not come back after that. “My brother Abdulrahman, 29, was a government employee and married.

He accompanied his older brother Bandar for treatment in the USA at the expense of the state nearly three months ago," the deceased’s brother, Badr Al Anzi said. He added, “I was informed that my brother Abdulrahman had gone missing since dawn on Friday at 2:30. He went out for a walk near a lake with his cousin, after they finished visiting his brother, but Abdulrahman went to a toilet next to the lake and did not return.”

Immediately, the Saudi embassy and consulate in the US were informed of the incident. The local police reported that Abdulrahman A Anezi moved away from the group he was accompanying and the disappeared, and they searched for him, they did not find him, according to "Fox News."

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