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UAE passport is among the 15 most powerful in the world with visa-free entry to 178 countries

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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The Hanley & Partners index issued its report for the “most powerful passport” for the year 2023, and the UAE retained its position among the top 15.

In the Hanley Global Mobility Report for the first quarter of 2023 on global mobility, the country was classified as the “model” for a great success story in the “Hanley Passport Index”, as it rose 49 ranks staggeringly over the past ten years.

The report is issued as a unique publication containing commentaries from leading scholars and experts on the main trends affecting mobility patterns, based on geopolitical analysis and focusing on the realities that shape the world (such as the repercussions of war, the rise in international travel, discrepancies in passport power, climate change, and the global migration crisis).

The report provides exclusive insights into what we can expect in the coming months.

The UAE now ranks 15th, with the ability to enter 178 countries without the need for a visa / visa on arrival, and access to nearly 70% of the global GDP.

Japan ranked first for the fifth year in a row, with 193 visa-free/visa-on-arrival access, followed by South Korea and Singapore, which ranked second with 192 destinations, and Germany and Spain jointly ranked third with 190 destinations.

The United Kingdom remained in sixth place with 187 visa-free/visa-on-entry entry, and the US in seventh place with 186 entry.

The report stated that the Emirate of Dubai has become a focal point in a world full of geopolitical crises.

The most powerful passports in the world

1. Japan

2. Singapore and South Korea

3. Germany and Spain

4. Finland, Italy and Luxembourg

5. Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden

6. France, Ireland, Portugal and the United Kingdom

7. Belgium, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland and the United States

8. Australia, Canada, Malta and Greece

9. Hungary and Poland

10- Lithuania and Slovakia

11. Latvia and Slovenia

12- Estonia

13. Iceland

14. Malaysia

15. UAE and Liechtenstein

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