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67-year-old Ugandan man decides to stop having children after 102 kids

Musa Hasahya poses with some of his children in Lusaka, Uganda.

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A Ugandan farmer, Musa Hasahya, 67, who has 102 children and 568 grandchildren from 12 wives, decided to stop having children, so that he could support them with his limited source of income.

“My income has become insufficient to support my family due to the high cost of living and the large number of my family members," Musa, a native of a village in Uganda, said.

“My four wives, who are living in the same house, including the youngest of them, Zuleikha, is the mother of 11 children,” he added.

About a third of Musa’s children, whose age is between 5 to 51 years old, are living with him on his farmland.

Musa’s youngest wife is 21 years younger than his eldest son.

A-all-smile Musa Hasahya speaks to the press.

He said recently due to my poor economic condition, 2 wives left me.

When the media asked Musa about his marriages, he said that a man couldn’t remain happy with only one wife.

The farmer said that all of his wives reside in the same house.

He said this helps me keep an eye on them.

According to media reports, Musa refrained from having anymore kids because of inflation.

He said my income has become lower and my family has become bigger and bigger.

The farmer said he married so many times to remain happy and satisfied.

According to local media, Musa married his first wife Hanifa in 1971 at the age of 16 after quitting school. He said I married more and more as he earned huge money back in those days.

Musa said he no longer wishes to expand his family of over 700 people due to his financial issues.

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