Saudi slaps an elderly man during a wedding, taken into custody - GulfToday

Saudi slaps an elderly man during a wedding, taken into custody

A combo image shows the fight at the wedding.

Gulf Today Report

The Saudis were shocked as a result of a video clip circulated on social media, showing a young man assaulting an elderly man by hitting him in the face, during a wedding ceremony in the midst of a number of attendees.

The Saudi Ministry of Interior issued a statement explaining what happened on that occasion, and said that it was in reference to the circulating video clip of a person assaulting another on a social occasion, and that the aggressor had been arrested.

The ministry added that it was found through preliminary inference procedures that there was a previous dispute between them that led to the accident.

The video showed a number of people standing in two rows facing each other, and one of the people delivered a speech in which he welcomed them and offered peace, according to local media.

During one of the attendees’ speech, a person surprised the audience and assaulted an elderly person, slapping him in the face forcefully, without knowing the reason for that.

According to local media, the attendees finally intervened after the man assaulted the elderly man to try to contain the situation between the two parties.

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