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Education, salary certificates a must for renting apartments in Bengaluru

A screenshot of the whatsapp massages.

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A software engineer, Priyansh Jain, shared on his Twitter account screenshots of his conversation with a middleman asking about his educational background and salary, before renting an apartment in Bengaluru, India.

The engineer explained that the owner wanted people with specific educational backgrounds.

Jain claimed the broker told him the landlord needed to verify his LinkedIn profile before offering him the apartment.

In response to the mediator, Jain said: "He worked in a software company, and was asked about the college he went to, and he replied, 'I graduated from an institute of technology.' The mediator replied: 'Sorry, your profile is not suitable to be our tenant.'"

Curious, Jain asked the broker what the owner was looking for.

He said the apartment could not be rented to him because the landlord would only give it to people from certain colleges, such as the Indian Institutes of Technology, the Maritime Institute of International Survey and the Indian Business School.

The young man confirmed that these conditions differ from one broker's office to another according to what the owners want, as another broker he spoke to asked to link his personal data and accounts to his LinkedIn account.

Jain's post got mixed responses on Twitter. Many residents who faced similar incidents in the city confirmed that such practices are prevalent in Bengaluru.

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