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Woman obligated to pay Dhs713,000 to her ex-husband in Dubai


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

A husband filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife, demanding that she repay him Dhs1,757,000 the value of real estate installments which she bought with him before their divorce.

The court of first instance obligated the appellee to return Dhs259,000, and obligated both parties to pay the fees and expenses of the lawsuit equally.

The appellant appealed the ruling, and the appellate court ordered the ex-wife to repay Dhs713,000 to her ex-husband, and the Court of Cassation upheld the ruling.

The case dates back to 2018, when the ex-husband demanded his divorcee, in a lawsuit he filed before the real estate court, to return Dhs1,757,000, the value of installments which she had failed to pay.

The appellant said that he had agreed with his ex-wife before their divorce to invest in real estate according to certified contracts and they agreed to pay the value in installments.

They already bought a villa in the Arabian Ranches area and two apartments in the Marina area under the lease-to-own system, and before the installments completed, they were divorced.

According to the case file, the appellant continued to pay his share of installments and those of his ex-wife until he completed the price of the real estate, and when he demanded his ex-wife to pay the amounts, she refused and even demanded her share of the real estate.

The Court of First Instance obligated the divorced woman to return Dhs259,000, which was estimated by the Committee of Experts.

The husband appealed the ruling and the Appellate Court concluded that the amount that the appellee must pay was Dhs713,000 after calculating the rental value of the units during the pre-filing of the case.


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