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Pay Dhs50 application fee to obtain UAE Golden Visa for a period of 10 years


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Emad Eddin Khalil, Staff Reporter

The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security (ICA) affirmed that the fees of applying to obtain a golden visa of the UAE for a period of 10 years is Dhs50, which includes the fees of the authority and fees for electronic services.

ICA called on foreigners in the country and abroad wishing to obtain a golden visa to check their eligibility to obtain it through the website and to follow the steps and instructions.

The application for the service must be electronically approved, ICA affirmed.

People who can apply to the golden visa include "brilliant talents, scholars and specialists, investors in public investments, investors in real estate, entrepreneurs, high school graduates, graduates of accredited universities in the UAE, graduates of accredited universities outside the UAE and the first line of defence, according to ICA.

 There are 5 procedures which must be made to submit the application, including filling in the data and attachments, as the mandatory and optional documents vary, according to the data, then paying the fees, evaluating the service after submitting the application, and receiving the transaction by e-mail, ICA indicated.

The application will be received through the authority’s website or smart application, customer happiness centres, and typing offices approved by the authority.

The application is rejected electronically after 30 days in the event that it is returned due to data deficiencies or incomplete documents.
It is also rejected if it is returned 3 times due to deficiencies.

ICA added that issuance fees and financial guarantees, if any, are refunded in the event of the application being rejected, by credit card within a period not exceeding six months from the date of submitting the application, and it can also be refunded according to the procedures followed, by means of a cheque or bank transfer, within a period not exceeding five years.

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