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Court obligates ex-husband to pay Dhs110,000 to his ex-wife in Abu Dhabi


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Aya Al Deeb, Staff Reporter

The Abu Dhabi Court for Family and Civil and Administrative Cases obligated an ex-husband to pay his ex-wife Dhs110,000, which he had borrowed from her during their marriage.

The ex-wife submitted to the court a written declaration in the ex-husband handwriting and signature that he borrowed Dhs40,000 from her. She also took an oath by lending him Dhs70,000.

The details date back to an earlier time when the appellant filed a lawsuit requesting that her ex-husband be obligated to pay her Dhs110,000, the legal interest of 12%, besides fees, expenses and lawyer’s fees.

The woman indicated that she and the appellee were married, and during the marriage she lent him Dhs110,000 as a loan, stressing that when she asked him to return the amounts, he delayed.

The appellant attached to her lawsuit copies of WhatsApp chats, translated bank statements, and translated bank deposit receipts.

The appellee's lawyer refuted a statement submitted by the appellant stating that he had borrowed Dhs40,000 from her, and demanded that the original statement be submitted

The court obliged the appellant to submit the original statement which was presented at the session and the appellee admitted that the handwriting and signature belonged to him.

The court made the woman swear that she lent the appellee Dhs70,000 and that he did not return them.

The court indicated that the appellant submitted copies of WhatsApp messages proving that the appellee borrowed Dhs70,000 from her, but they were not sufficient because these messages did not explain the value of the debt and the transaction. The court also obligated the appellant to take the oath that the appellee borrowed Dhs70,000 from her and then the court obligated the appellee to pay his ex-wife Dhs110,000, in addition to the fees and expenses of the lawsuit

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