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US citizen told to pay Dhs1.44m alimony, loses custody of his children in Dubai


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Personal Status Court ruled that an American businessman pay an alimony estimated at Dhs1.44 million to his ex-wife and around Dhs1 million to his children and bear the housing, study and health insurance expenses.

The businessman appealed the ruling but the court upheld the previous ruling.

The Court of Cassation, however, partially revoked the appealed verdict and ruled that three-quarters of the alimony be paid.

According to lawyer Badr Khamis, the businessman’s divorcee’s attorney, his client filed a divorce and child custody case, requesting the court to obligate her-ex-husband to pay for all the harms sustained.

“The court ruled that the woman be divorced from her husband and take the children in her custody,” he said.

It also obligated the businessman to pay his divorcee Dhs1.44 million, provide for suitable housing, driver and maid and settle all bills and the school fees for his children, he added.

Khamis stated that the husband pleaded that he no longer had any property or money because he had transferred everything he had plus two luxury cars and UAE real estate investments to his ex-wife when she was his wife on the back of a law issued by the United States obligating citizens abroad to pay taxes against what they possessed.

The divorcee stated that she filed for divorce because her husband had an affair with another woman, based on which he neglected his children and deserted his home.

She added that she decided to keep what was granted to her of her husband’s own free will, while confirming her demand to obligate him to pay the living expenses for her and her children and to extend the custody of the children until marriage.

The woman said she had evidence of her husband’s infidelity, abandonment of her and failure to pay her children’s expenses over the past years.

She submitted documents showing that she had to pay the expenses of his children’s study and the bills of the villa that he owned before their separation.

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