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Fujairah Hospital removes 4.5 kg uterine fibroid from patient

The hospital has expanded the scope of surgeries.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Doctors at the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Centre at Fujairah Hospital – part of the Emirates Health Services (EHS) network – performed a critical precision surgery for a patient after clinical tests detected a large 4.5 kg uterine fibroid. The hospital successfully removed the fibroid avoiding a full hysterectomy, and the patient was closely monitored post-operation to ensure she was in a stable condition.

Director of Fujairah Hospital Ahmed Al Khadim asserted: “Our medical and nursing staff here at Fujairah Hospital are highly experienced in dealing with various cases, which is further strengthened by the advanced medical equipment we have at the hospital. This boosts the efficiency and quality of medical procedures and enhances the health and treatment services the hospital provides.”

“The uterine fibroid excision is one of many delicate surgeries that have been successfully performed by the medical staff at Fujairah Hospital, made possible by the cumulative experiences of our surgeons, which span all medical specialities,” Al Khadim added, noting that the Hospital is dedicated to enhancing surgical procedures and ensuring leadership and excellence in the field.

Meanwhile, Dr Omar Alwan, Consultant Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Gynaecological Oncology at Fujairah Hospital, explained: “Fujairah Hospital has expanded the scope of surgeries performed using laparoscopy to include procedures such as hysterectomy and cysts removal. This was made possible by the modern equipment provided to the hospital by Emirates Health Services, as well as by the efficiency and expertise of the medical and nursing staff.”

“We created a cervical endoscopy clinic for the early detection of cervical cancer, which helped diagnose a 26-year-old patient with cervical cancer that was still in the early stages. We performed an excision on the tumour, successfully preserving the uterus,” Dr Alwan added.

“This kind of procedure can only be performed upon early detection, which proves the importance of periodic screening for the early detection of cervical cancer.” For her part, Dr Amal Al Muaini, Head of the Obstetrics & Gynaecology Centre and Assistant Director for Medical Affairs at Fujairah Hospital, noted that: “Over the past year, Fujairah Hospital has managed to perform 620 operations covering all surgical specialties.

The hospital relies on the competence of its medical and nursing staff, equipped with the latest breakthroughs in medical technology.” Fujairah Hospital is part of the Emirates Health Services network, along with 16 other hospitals.

EHS is constantly working to enhance its facilities by providing them with the latest medical technologies and AI-powered capabilities, in line with the core objectives of its comprehensive strategy to develop the healthcare system and enhance its efficiency and competitiveness at the local and international levels. 

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