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India bans Islamic group PFI, accuses it of 'terrorism'

Media and policemen stand outside the office of Popular Front of India (PFI) in New Delhi. Reuters

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The Indian authorities declared the People's Front of India and its affiliated organizations an "illegal group" with immediate effect, and banned them for five years.

The authorities accused them of involvement in "terrorism" and banning them for five years, after detaining more than 100 PFI members this month.

This comes after the authorities arrested dozens of members of the Islamic organization on Tuesday, and earlier this month, accusing them of involvement in violence and anti-state activities.

The Front denies the accusations, condemns the arrests and calls for the raids, and has resorted to organizing street protests.

A government notice said MILF officials were collecting money in India and abroad as part of a "criminal conspiracy" and then funneling it through multiple accounts to appear legitimate.

He added that these funds are then used to carry out "various criminal, illegal and terrorist activities in the country."

Police in Uttar Pradesh, the most populous state, said earlier on Tuesday that they had arrested 57 people linked to the LTTE for their "violence and increasing involvement in anti-state activities across the country."

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