Four jailed and fined Dhs120,000 on robbery charges - GulfToday

Four jailed and fined Dhs120,000 on robbery charges


The Dubai Criminal Court

Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced a gang of four Africans and others who are still at large to one year in jail to be followed by deportation and fined them Dhs120,000 for stealing the same amount of the fine from an Arab after luring him by a deal to sell 24 kilograms of gold.

The case dated back to last June when an Arab filed a complaint in which he stated an African gang, which lured him to buy 24 kilogrammes of gold, had robbed him.

The complainant stated that an Asian offered him to buy gold from an African woman at a cheap price, adding that he agreed to finalise the deal after communicating with the woman, who confirmed her intention to sell 24 kilogrammes of gold for Dhs120,000.


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The complainant and the woman agreed to meet in Al Nahda in Dubai. When they reached the agreed place, the complainant and the Asian go-between were received by an African man, who asked the go-between to wait nearby as the seller wanted to meet with the buyer alone.

A few meters away, the complainant was surprised by some people getting out of a car, attacking him with knives and ordering him to give his money to them. One of them cut the belt of his bag that contained Dhs120,000 before they all fled the place.

According to the official documents, a team of detectives managed to identify the gang members and to arrest four of them. The defendants admitted that that another man who is still at large had planned the crime and gave each of them Dhs6,000 in return for collaboration in the robbery.