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Married woman dupes another man with marriage proposal, defrauds him of Dhs356,290


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Abdul Rahman Saeed, Staff Reporter

Al Ain Court of First Instance ordered a woman to pay Dhs356,290 besides Dhs6,000, in compensation to a man she had deceived into marrying her and requested him to give her the money to prepare for the marriage.

The appellee delayed setting the date of the engagement until it turned out that she was married more than a year.

According to the case file, a man filed a lawsuit requesting to obligate a woman to pay him Dhs362,290 for what she received from him to marry him, with a legal interest of 12% from the date of the claim until full payment, beside  a compensation of Dhs20,000 for the damages incurred by him.

He also demanded to obligate her to pay fees, expenses, and lawyer's fees.

The appellant said that he transferred Dhs362,290 to the woman with the aim of marrying her, but after the money was transferred he came to know that she was already married.

When he demanded her to repay the amounts, she refused.

The man submitted a copy of a bank statement affirming the transferred amounts and a copy of a WhatsApp conversation.

He stated that he met the woman through Snap chat, and after a year, her mother contacted him to get to know him in preparation for the proposal for marriage.

On the set date for the engagement, the appellee apologised in the pretext that her father was ill and had to leave the country for treatment, and she delayed setting the date of the engagement.

The court estimated the compensation owed to the appellant at Dhs6,000.


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