Doctors extract five metal pins from 3-month-old baby’s stomach in Egypt - GulfToday

Doctors extract five metal pins from 3-month-old baby’s stomach in Egypt


An X-ray plate shows the pins inside baby’s stomach.

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Surgeons at the Children's Hospital of Mansoura University in Egypt saved the life of a three-month-old baby, after they extracted from his stomach five metal pins, 3 centimeters long, used to hang home curtains, local media reported.

The mother of the infant revealed to the media the details of the incident, explaining that she left her child for a short time with his 3-year-old sister.

The sister while playing with him put metal pins inside his mouth. The baby swallowed the pins.

The mother returned and noticed the bay crying. She rushed her child to the hospital where doctors took an abdominal x-ray, which showed a set of pins in the esophagus and other pins in the stomach.

A CT scan of the infant was also performed, to ensure that there were no wounds, after doctors feared that the staples had injured the stomach wall or the esophagus.

Doctors decided to perform surgery to extract the pins. The 5 metal clips were removed.

The doctor in charge of the case confirmed that this case is a difficult and complex case due to the young age of the child, and the presence of a large number of clamps with sharp ends that need skill in extracting them in order to preserve the life of the child.

Doctors confirmed that the child’s condition is stable, after the pins were extracted. They reassured that the child is in good condition.

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