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Person demands Dhs51,000 in compensation for side effects


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Aya El Deeb, Staff Reporter

The Abu Dhabi Family, Civil and Administrative Cases Court rejected a lawsuit filed by a man against a hospital, a health authority and an insurance company, demanding them to pay him Dhs51,000 in compensation, after he was caused a traffic accident.

The details date back to an earlier time, when a controversy occurred between the appellant and the driver of a vehicle after they left a nightclub. When the driver drove the vehicle, the appellant fell from it, to have injuries upon which he was hospitalised.

The Criminal Court charged the driver with causing the accident and the appellant filed a lawsuit requesting the assignment of the Higher Committee for Medical Responsibility and obligating the appellees (the hospital, the health authority and the insurance company) to pay him Dhs51,000 in compensation, in addition to the fees and expenses of the lawsuit and the lawyers’ fees. He explained that he had a traffic accident caused by the driver of the vehicle and he sustained injuries to various parts of his body so he was taken to the hospital.


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The appellant indicated that while he was in the hospital, he received treatment which caused him side effects by mistake, resulting in serious complications in his left eye.

He pointed out that the driver of the vehicle which caused the accident had been convicted.

The court indicated that the accident is outside the insurance coverage, and regarding suing the hospital and the health authority, it clarified that the complainant submitted a complaint to the competent committee, and after issuing its decision that there was no medical error, he appealed against the decision and the grievance has not yet been decided.

Accordingly, the court rejected the case against the insurance company, the hospital and its health authority, and obligated the appellant to pay fees and expenses of the lawsuit.



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