Female farm owner says two people stole her sheep, Abu Dhabi court rejects the case - GulfToday

Female farm owner says two people stole her sheep Abu Dhabi court rejects the case


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Aya El Deeb, Staff Reporter

The Abu Dhabi court for family and civil and administrative cases rejected a lawsuit filed by a female farm owner against two persons, demanding that they would pay her Dhs50,000 because they took off the doors of her farm and seized her sheep.

The details date back to an earlier time when the plaintiff filed a lawsuit in which she demanded to prove the ownership of the sheep, obligating the two suspects jointly to return those sheep, and obliging them to pay her Dhs50,000 in compensation, fees, expenses, and lawyers’ fees.

The plaintiff indicated that she owned sheep on her farm and the suspects seized them after they came to her farm and took off the doors.

The court indicated that the case papers proved that the two suspects were acquitted of the charge of seizing the sheep, under a penal ruling, and that there was no evidence to prove their guilt, adding that the case was not based on a legal basis.

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