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4 set friend’s body on fire after putting it in car


Photo has been used for illustrative purpose.

Mahmoud Mohsen, Staff Reporter

As many as four friends lured their fifth to be involved with them and follow their whims and share their activities, either at home or in someone’s vehicle. In one of the sessions, one of them offered the victim to take part in drug abuse, and he agreed.

He repeated that several times until he fell into the clutches of addiction, where later, the doses were taken in larger quantities.

In one of the drug sessions in a very far desert area, the victim mixed a dose of heroin with water and injected himself with it, losing consciousness.

After two days, the friends returned to the place to find their friend dead, so they were scared of being involved in the incident, so they carried him, put him in his vehicle in the driving position, poured fuel on it and set it on fire to obliterate the signs of the body.

Although the fire gutted all the vehicle and its contents and obliterated all the signs, the investigations of the security teams revealed one of the clues of the case which later led to arresting the four suspects.

On being questioned, they confessed to their crime, and they were transferred to the court to receive a deterrent penalty.

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