Man finds gold worth Dhs430,000, caught at the airport while smuggling it - GulfToday

Man finds gold worth Dhs430,000, caught at the airport while smuggling it

The gold jewellery that was confiscated by the police.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The security teams at the Sharjah Airport Police Station arrested a passenger, while completing the departure procedures at the airport, after gold worth Dhs430,000 was detected in his baggage. He did not carry invoices or documents to prove his ownership of the gold. The suspect, an Asian, was stopped when his handbag was scanned at the X-ray checking gate.

The bag was found containing a large amount of gold hidden between the clothes. When he was asked about the purchasing invoices of the gold, he got confused and stammered, replying, “It is mine, but I have no invoices." Accordingly, he was booked and his baggage was recalled from the cargo area to be inspected as well. While searching through the bags, more quantities of gold were found.

The suspect then confessed to the source from which he got the gold. He said that he had found the gold in one of the sandy areas in the country, so he picked it up and kept it in his possession. He did not report to the police about what he found and kept it for himself.

Therefore, he was referred to the competent authorities for further legal action. The GHQ of the Sharjah Police calls on all members of society to immediately report if any personal property is found, and to hand it over to the nearest police station, as the police in the emirate seek to enhance and ensure security and safety of the people.

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