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Court orders company to give appellant Dhs100,000


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Emad Eddin Khalil, Staff Reporter

A woman filed a lawsuit against a company demanding it to pay her Dhs300,000 in compensation for the material and moral damage she incurred as a result of not enabling her to obtain her job even after signing the job offer sent by the company.

In the lawsuit, the appellant mentioned that she received a job offer from the human resources department of the appellee company, to employ her as a manager for one of its branches, with a monthly salary of Dhs9,000.

She added that she already signed the job offer and resent it to the company after resigning from the company she worked for before.

The appellant added that the company delayed in handing over her the job and was surprised by a message from the human resources department of the company apologising for not being able to employ her, which caused her material and moral damage.

The court ordered the company to pay the appellant Dhs100,000, besides the fees and expenses of the lawsuit.

The company appealed the ruling, claiming rejection of the lawsuit, because the appellant resigned from her previous job a month before submitting the job offer. The company added that they did not cancel the job offer, but suspended it only according to the mail sent to the appellant and even did not recruit anyone instead of her. The Abu Dhabi Family Court and the Civil and Administrative Cases rejected the appealed ruling and forwarded the case to the Labour Court and obligated the company to pay the appeal costs.

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