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Man jailed for blackmailing a teenager and forcing him to steal his mother's gold in Dubai


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Court of Misdemeanours sentenced an Asian to one month in jail and fined him Dhs5,000 for blackmailing a compatriot teenager and forcing him to steal his mother's jewellery after threatening to send a video of him smoking to his parents.

The convict would be deported after serving the terms, the Court ruled.

The case dates back to last May, when an Asian woman lodged a complaint with the police reporting that her son had been blackmailed by an Asian man, who forced him to steal her jewellery that valued Dhs50,000-60,000.

The woman reported the police that after noticing her son’s conduct was not normal and that he was receiving many phone calls, and always answering those call privately in the house’s balcony.

In the interrogation, the woman said that she had checked her son's iPad, where she found chatting between her son and a person via his account on Instagram.

In that chat, she found photos of her jewellery and insulting phrases sent from the suspect to her son.

Upon checking her jewellery in a safe inside her room, she noticed disappearance of 18 pieces of her jewellery, so she confronted her son, who admitted that he was blackmailed by the suspect.

The victim said that he had met the suspect 4 months ago, as he was always going out with him.

One day, the suspect asked him for Dhs3,000 on the pretext that he had an accident and when the victim refused, the suspect threatened to send a video of him smoking cigarettes to his parents.

He also threatened that if he did not provide the money, he would implicate him in criminal cases, as he made him believe he had connection with cops.

The victim also said that he could not provide the amount, so the suspect continued to threaten him by calling him and sending messages via the social networking application.

He was afraid of his threat, so the victim stole his mother’s jewellery and handed it over to the suspect.

The latter was not satisfied with what he obtained and continued the threats, so he gave him more jewellery for the second time, until his mother discovered the suspect's threat, the victim added.

A police officer stated that he had summoned the suspect, who denied blackmailing the teenager and confirmed that the latter had given the money as an aid to repair his vehicle.

Upon checking the suspect's record, it was found out that he had been involved in two reports of theft by his father, who accused him the first time of stealing Dhs3 million, and the second time accused him of stealing Dhs80,000, but he later waived for the two reports, the officer added.

The officer also said that an investigation team went to the gold store, where the seller reported that the suspect came to the store twice, the first with a compatriot person, who claimed that the gold belonged to his mother and wanted to sell it to provide a sum for treatment.

The seller bought the gold for Dhs3,500. In the second time, the suspect went with a Gulf girl who claimed that the jewellery belonged to her, so the seller bought it for Dhs1,350.

The girl and the other person were summoned, and they admitted that the suspect asked them to help him sell his jewellery under their identity, so they sold it and gave the amount immediately to him.

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