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Toddler drowns in a bathtub in Sharjah


Photo has been used for illustrative purpose.

Mahmoud Mohsen, Staff Reporter

An Arab child drowned in a bathtub in his family’s house, after being left unattended. This was reported last Tuesday, when the Operations Room of the Sharjah Police received a report stating that a two-and-a-half-year-old Arab child drowned in a bathtub in his family’s house.

Instantly, the patrols and the National Ambulance were dispatched to the reported location from where the child was transferred to Al Qasimi Hospital, where he was declared dead in the hospital at 7pm the same day.

Preliminary investigations of the incident revealed that the child’s mother had put him in a bathtub, which was full of water in preparation for a bath, and left him alone for a short time. When the mother returned, she found him drowning, which prompted her to call the police to help her child. The police and the ambulance arrived soon and immediately transferred the child to the hospital, but he was pronounced dead there.

The Buhairah Police Station continued the procedures for the case, and interrogated the child’s parents, who were accused of negligence, which led to the child’s drowning in the bathtub.

Accordingly, they were transferred to the Public Prosecution for further legal action.

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