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Woman hires gang to abduct a man to get her money back from him in Dubai


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Court of Appeal commuted a judgment of three years imprisonment issued by the Criminal Court against an Asian woman and a gang from an Eastern European country to 6 months in prison, while upholding the fine of Dhs29,800 and the deportation after serving the terms.

The woman was convicted of hiring the gang to kidnap a compatriot man for refusing to pay money he borrowed from her, as she was sentenced in absentia, while the gang was in person.

The case dates back to last November, when an Asian reported that his brother had been kidnapped while they were walking together near their residence in International City in Dubai. He stated that they had been surprised by three people holding his brother and forcing him to get into a vehicle and then drove to an unknown place.

The abductee’s brother also said that he had tried to contact him on the phone, but the latter did not answer, and minutes later he received a call from him asking to transfer Dhs17,000, so he reported to the police.

The police officer in charge stated that an investigating team was able after examining footage of the surveillance cameras to know the number plate of the vehicle used by the gang and its itinerary. The team located the gang and arrested them, after freeing the abductee, who was found restricted inside the vehicle in a sandy area in Al Jaddaf district, Dubai.

Upon interrogation, the victim stated that he was kidnapped by the suspects early in the morning when he was walking with his brother near their residence in the International City in Dubai.

The suspects caught him from behind, paralysed him, tied him with duct tape, then beat him on the head and forced him to get into a vehicle that was parked nearby, he added.

He tried to seek help from passersby, but to no avail, and while he was in the vehicle with the suspects, they assaulted him and covered his face with the shirt he was wearing. After that one of them asked for Dhs17,000 to release him, while another seized his phone, and called his brother to bring them the required amount. They also stole Dhs16,000, a precious watch, a gold ring and bank cards, the victim told the police.

The suspects admitted that an Asian woman “fugitive” hired them to kidnap the victim on the pretext that she had a business and trade relationship. She rented a vehicle and agreed with them to abduct him in return for a sum to help her get her money back from him.

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