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Drug addict to serve 5 years in prison


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced an Asian to 5 years in prison and fined him Dhs20,000 for abusing drugs and making other countrymen do the same thing as well. The Court also ruled that the convict would be deported after serving the terms.

The convict was arrested by the Dubai Police last November in Al Quoz Industrial Area, after information had been forwarded to the Dubai Police about a number of people abusing narcotic substances.

A police officer testified that a team from the Anti-Narcotics Department of Dubai Police moved to the reported location, where they arrested a number of Asians who seemed to be under influence of narcotics near a building in the Al Quoz Industrial Area.

“The suspects were arrested, as they were in a state of extreme fear, confusion and stammering, and they were all suspected of being under the influence of narcotics and psychotropic substances,” the police officer added.

On interrogating them, they admitted that they had consumed psychotropic substances obtained from a fellow citizen residing in an apartment in the same area.

Accordingly, a patrol from the Anti-Narcotics Department headed to the suspect’s residence and arrested him. The latter during the interrogation by the Public Prosecution Office, confessed to providing the suspects with narcotic substances for free because they were his friends. He was referred to the Criminal Court, where he was sentenced 5 years in prison with a fine of Dhs20,000 to be followed by deportation.

Separately, the police arrested an Asian in the Oud Al Muteena area red-handed, in possession of tools to organise gambling, while inviting passersby to gamble.

The Criminal Court sentenced him to 3 months in jail, to be followed by deportation after serving his jail term and fined him Dhs100,000.

The details of the case date back to February 2022, when a policeman saw the suspect sitting on a street in Al Muteena, near a hotel, and organising a gambling game.

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