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Son donates kidney to save his father’s life in Saudi Arabia

A combo image shows Rayan and his father Saadan Mohammed Bu Teh at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

A 31-year-old Saudi national Rayan, ended the suffering of his father, Saadan Mohammed Bu Teh’s, 60 who had kidney failure.

Rayan donated one of his kidneys to his father in a surgery performed in King Faisal Specialist Hospital, in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, after which the father returned to his hometown Najran, in good health, according to Saudi local media.

Saadan had a previous kidney transplant 15 years ago, when medical tests showed complete atrophy of the kidneys. Then his eldest son, Thamer, 35 years old, donated one of his kidneys to his father.

Doctors thought at that time it would work properly for 4 years, but it worked well for nearly 15 years, after which there was a relapse until it became imperative for the father to get another kidney transplant urgently.

The son Rayan said he was ready to end the suffering of his father as his brother did before to embody the loyalty and righteousness of the two sons towards their father.

The two young men, Thamer and Rayan, expressed their happiness at the success of the surgery and the return of their father to his home and to his family in health and safety.

They said that what they did was only very “small” compared to what their father had done for them.

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