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Gambling organiser jailed


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The police arrested an Asian in the Oud Al Muteena area red-handed, in possession of tools to organise gambling, while inviting passersby to gamble.

The Criminal Court sentenced him to 3 months in jail, to be followed by deportation after serving his jail term and fined him Dhs100,000.

The details of the case date back to February 2022, when a policeman saw the suspect sitting on a street in Al Muteena, near a hotel, and organising a gambling game.

According to the policeman’s statement in the investigations, he watched the suspect offering passersby gambling, and that he attracted a number of passers-by, so he was arrested and his tools and 130 dirhams were seized.

On being interrogated, he confessed to his crime, so the tools and sums of money were confiscated.

The appellate court upheld the verdict.

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