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VIDEO: Lioness roams free in Iraqi street, owner chases and catches her


A combo image shows the lioness running away from its owner in Mosul.

Gulf Today Report

In a terrifying moment, a lioness was seen roaming free in the streets of Mosul among cars and people.

Social media users in Iraq circulated the video clip showing the lioness much to the astonishment of passersby.

According to Iraqi media, the wild beast was later captured.  

The media said that the lioness was fleeing from its owner in a street in Mosul, running amok in broad daylight among the vehicles.

The video showed the fleeing lioness while its owner tried to catch up with her before he grabbed his head and beat him, then got into the car and sped away.

The video creator commented that seeing a lioness wandering in a populated area was rare.

Netizens have called upon authorities to take action against the man and that the lioness be set free in the forest.  

In April, motorist on a road in Bagdad were shocked to see a lion enjoying view of the beautiful Baghdad city from car’s window.

The video of the lion leaning out of the car’s window has gone viral and has raised questions about the safety of the road users.

Netizens are condemning the irresponsible owner of the lion for putting others lives in danger by taking lion for ride in his car.

Many have urged authorities to take stern action against the owner of the lion.

In January, a video of a Kuwaiti woman trying to tame her angry lioness went viral.

Local media said that the woman was seen in the streets carrying the lioness back to her home.

The lioness seems to be agitated by her gesture and tries to leave her.

Kuwaiti media quoted a security source as saying that the Ministry of Interior received a report about seeing a lioness wandering on a road.

The team managed to capture the lioness.

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