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Bomb kills 2 civilians in Shiite area of Kabul


A videograb shows the site of the bomb attack in Kabul.

Gulf Today Report

A spokesman for the Taliban group said on Friday that two people were killed and at least three others were injured as a result of an explosion in Kabul.

Khalid Zadran, the spokesman of the Taliban's security command for Kabul, said that explosives had been placed in a cart in the Sarkariz area of Shamm district.

According to reports, this explosion targeted women and children who were present near the Baqir Mosque during the month of Muharram.

But witnesses have said that the number of casualties in this explosion is higher than what the Taliban group has reported.

So far, no person or group has claimed responsibility for this deadly attack. But in the past, the Daesh group has taken responsibility for similar attacks in mosques, hospitals and other public facilities.

The Khorasan branch of Daesh, which was mostly active in the eastern provinces of Afghanistan, has in most cases targeted the religious possibilities of Shiites in different provinces of Afghanistan.