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50-year-old man beats wife and son for not opening the house door


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

A 50-year-old Asian investor beat his wife and their son for being late in opening the door of his house.

The assault caused the wife and son a disability which prevented them from doing their personal work for up to twenty days.

The court of cassation fined the investor Dhs5,000.

The details of the case date back to June 2022, when a young man filed a report stating that he and his mother were beaten by his father.

According to the testimony of the young man, he testified he heard his mother's distress when his father was beating her after opening the door of the house to him.

The young man added that he tried to stop what was happening and asked his father to calm down, but the father assaulted him, slapped his face several times, and punched his neck and chest, and then the father pretended that he was unable to breathe, opened the balcony of the house and asked to drink water. As soon as the witness brought him the water, he threw the glass and then the son called the  police.

The wife stated that her husband threatened to kill her and beat her as soon as she opened the door of their house, due to a previous dispute upon which she filed a complaint against him on the morning of the incident. She added that their son tried to protect her and her husband beat him.

The suspect denied assaulting his wife and their son and claimed that they were the ones who assaulted and beat him inside his room, taking advantage of his Parkinson's disease.

The forensic lab report proved injuries in separate areas of the wife and son’s body and did not prove any injuries to the investor's body, so the court convicted him and fined him.

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