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Person sues employee for deluding him of ability to cancel traffic fines


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Aya El Deeb, Staff Reporter

Al Ain Court of First Instance obligated an employee to pay a man Dhs11,765, on charges of seizing Dhs10,265 of the appellant’s money, after deluding him of his ability to cancel violations registered against him, including traffic fines.

Details of the case date back to an earlier time when a man filed a lawsuit demanding that the appellee employee pay him Dhs10,265, in addition to a compensation of Dhs10,000 for the damages he incurred, as well as fees and expenses of the case.

The complainant explained that the appellee deluded him claiming that he could cancel violations against him, including traffic violations, amounting to Dhs18,000, and that he already received Dhs10,265 from him but did not fulfill his commitment.

In the lawsuit, the complainant indicated that the appellee was convicted of the incident under a criminal ruling, as he was charged with seizing the complainant's money by fraudulent means and impersonating another.

The Court then fined the appellee Dhs3,000 and obligated him to pay the due fees. The appellee claimed that he owed the plaintiff only Dhs4,300, and requested a refusal of more than the amount and the compensation as well.

The court affirmed that, according to the lawsuit papers, the appellee seized an amount from the plaintiff for himself, and did not commit to implementing the agreement, pointing out that he did not attend the case sessions to present his defense or provide evidence of returning the amount.

The court also indicated that the complainant deserves compensation for the employee's appropriation of his money for a period of time and depriving him of benefiting from it.

It estimated a compensation of Dhs10,500 and accordingly it obligated the employee to pay the complainant Dhs11,765, besides the lawsuit fees and expenses.


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