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VIDEO: Fun and feast at the 'wedding of dead' in Indian village


A videograb shows a ritual during the wedding of dead people.

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An Indian village organised a wedding of two people who died more than 30 years ago, it looks strange but it is an old custom in some parts of Kerala and Karnataka.

According to local reports the video of the incident, which was published by the Indian YouTuber, Annie Aaron on his Twitter page, received a wide interaction on the social media sites.

The video shows two families in Dakshina Kannada village reviving an old custom in the country, by holding a wedding ceremony for the deceased man and  woman.

The people of the village marry someone who was born dead to another person who also died at the time of birth. By doing this they believe that they are honouring the spirit of the dead.

Aaron commented on the occasion, "I'm attending a wedding, you might ask why it's worth tweeting, well, the groom is already dead, and the bride has also died about 30 years ago."

The customs in Dakshina Kannada village are that the wedding is conducted by members of the family of the deceased, and it includes all processions similar to the normal wedding ceremony.

The Indian YouTuber added: “Two families go to each other’s house for the engagement, and there is a marriage procession, and an integrated ceremony.”

The groom's family prepares the wedding dress that the deceased bride will wear.

Aaron ended his speech by saying: "After the wedding ceremony is completed, delicious food is served on banana leaves."

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