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VIDEO: At least 7 Asian expats dead in UAE floods

A flooded street is pictured in Fujairah following heavy rainfall. AFP

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The UAE Interior Ministry said on Friday that 7 Asian expatriates had been found dead as a result of recent floods across the country.

The Ministry said that one of the Asian expatriates missing during the floods was found dead on Friday evening. Death toll rises to 7.

Field units are continuing thier search operations in the affected areas.  

The authorities said police, rescue and ambulance teams are continuously exerting all efforts to secure and protect people and properties and regulate traffic flawlessly. Some 870 people were rescued in Sharjah and Fujairah.

The Emirate of Fujairah witnessed the highest amount of rain in the country in 27 years with a record 221.8 mm.

The authorities said the specialized police teams worked in coordination with the National Emergency and Crisis and Disasters Management Authority to respond to any emergencies as a result of torrential rains and floods in several regions of the country. Around 3,897 have been sheltered and 870 people were rescued.

The Ministry of Interior said on Thursday that a total of 4,225 people were evacuated with the help of 1,638 personnel and 582 vehicles took part in rescue operations.

The Sharjah Police confirmed the readiness of the security and rescue teams around the clock to deal with the exceptional weather situation, calling upon all members of society to abide by the security instructions so that they are safe.

The police also emphasised the need to comply with the instructions related to not going to the Eastern Region now, unless it's absolutely necessary. There has been considerable impact of the weather fluctuations on the region, leading to torrential rain, and flooded roads and valleys. So visitors should steer clear of the Eastern Region until the weather is normal.