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Worker sentenced to life in jail for premeditated murder


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

An Eastern European worker premeditatedly killed the owner of an auto repair workshop following a dispute that erupted after the victim refused the worker’s request to leave the country.

The Court of First Instance sentenced him to life in jail to be followed by deportation.The ruling was upheld by the Court of Appeal.

The case dated back to June 2020 when workers at an auto repair workshop found their boss dead inside his office with several stabs in the neck and abdomen and major injuries in the head.

A policeman stated in the case papers that he moved to the scene of a report that was received by the operations room about a murder in an auto repair workshop in Al Quoz Industrial Area 2.

The policeman said he arrived at the specified place where the victim was in a pool of blood with a cut neck, fractured face, injuries and stabs in the upper part top of his body.

A medium-sized knife covered with blood was also seen in the scent together with scissors and iron hammer. The workers who were interrogated stated that they left their workplace for twenty minutes to buy some stuffs and when they returned, they found the external door closed from the inside.

They entered the workshop from the rear door, and one of them saw the workshop owner in a pool of blood inside his office.

He suspected one of the workers because he was not present when the murder was discovered. Later, the suspect was arrested near the consulate of his home country in Dubai.

On interrogation, the suspect, 21, confessed to having visited the consulate of his home country to help him leave the UAE. He also confessed to the murder over a work-related dispute that erupted with the victim.

On the day of the incident, the worker who wanted to return to his homeland, asked the victim to reserve a return ticket for him but they disagreed about the dates.

A squabble erupted between them, after which the victim asked defendant to leave the place and quit work immediately.

At this point, the defendant, who felt humiliated, went down the workshop and closed its door from the inside before returning to the office with a knife in his hand, where he assaulted the victim and cut his neck.

When he found that the victim had not died, however, the defendant smashed the victim’s head with a hammer that was in the office by hitting his face several times with the intent of killing him.

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