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Leaving children in vehicles alone is a crime punishable by law in UAE


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Abu Dhabi Police appealed to motorists and parents, as part of the "Safe Summer" campaign, not to forget children inside vehicles, especially in this summer weather, or to leave them alone while shopping or for any other reason.

Endangering their lives is a crime punishable by law, and whoever is proven to be negligent in such cases will be referred to the judicial authorities, to take legal action against them.

The police explained that leaving children in vehicles may cause their death or suffocation, as a result of children tampering with the car key and closing it, which leads to a lack of oxygen and high temperatures inside the vehicle.

Children may fiddle with the transmission, which may lead to an accident.

Leaving children in the car also draws the attention to robber who can exploit the situation and steal car or kidnap the child.

The authorities stated that the incidents of suffocation of children inside the car, and they are alone due to the neglect of families in the first place, because the child is not aware of the dangers that surround him, as a result of his lack of awareness of things, and here comes the role of parents in protecting the child from himself and others, where the role of the family is vital

The Abu Dhabi Police urged that no such incidents will occur and no one will face this tragic scenario.

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