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Ex-boyfriend murders lover, wraps her up in blankets to conceal evidence in Ajman


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Amir Al Sonni, Staff Reporter

A girl was found dead and covered with a lot of blankets in her apartment on the seventh floor in a building in Ajman. The body was discovered by the building guard who called the police that rushed to the scene.

Investigations were conducted and the forensic laboratory team collected evidence and lifted fingerprints. Samples taken from the apartment and the victim’s body were sent to the forensic laboratory.

The report showed that the victim was suffocated, but the crime weapon was not found.

The building guard and one of the residents who discovered the smell coming from the victim’s apartment were interrogated.

The victim’s mobile phone was checked to identify the people who had contacted her before the incident, and their connection to her.

The investigation team identified 3 last numbers on the victim’s mobile, and by asking the building guard, who was last caller, he said that he called the victim after he smelled a nasty smell emanating from her apartment, but she did not answer.

The second caller was summoned and asked about his relationship with the victim, and he said he was her friend, but the relationship ended a year and a half ago due to many disputes between them. He added he kept visiting her from time to time, noting that he was in a mall on the night of the crime.

The investigation team summoned the third caller, a girl of the same age of the victim’s, and when they told her about the incident, she was shocked and broke down in tears. She told the police that she was her friend and she was always in touch with her but she didn’t see her for the last 3 days. She added she called her to check on her, but the victim did not reply, so she thought she was out the apartment and she decided to go to her at the weekend to go out together, as usual.

The teams asked her how much she knew the victim's friend and she told them that there were always problems between them, but he never stopped and always visited her.

By interrogating the tenants of the building, one of them said that he lived on the same floor as the victim, and on the day of the incident, while he went to throw garbage, he passed the victim’s apartment, whose door was open and he heard a quarrel, but he did not care about it and returned to his apartment.

By examining the building’s surveillance cameras, it became clear that the victim’s friend had gone into the victim’s apartment where he stayed for more than 5 hours, and he rushed out in a suspicious way.

He was summoned again and on being confronted with evidences, he confessed to the crime.

The suspect said that the victim angered him after a verbal altercation between them, so he choked her with a piece of cloth, and after committing the crime, he wiped his fingerprints, left the apartment and closed the door behind him without touching anything.

After the completion of the investigations, the suspect was transferred to the court, where he was sentenced to death and obligated to pay the blood money to the victim’s family.

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