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Arab sentenced to life in jail on charges of murdering friend in Dubai


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

An Arab young man deliberately killed his friend in a store after verbal altercation with victim who had accused him of stealing an amount of money.

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced him to life in jail to be followed by deportation and obligated him to pay a temporary compensation of Dhs51,000 to the victim’s heirs.

The case dates back to May last year when an Arab, 29, assaulted his friend while wandering in a retail store in Freej Al Murar area in Dubai.

According to the store’s sales supervisor, he heard a verbal altercation inside his workplace and was surprised by a number of customers telling him that somebody attacked another inside the store.

He called the police but while doing so, he saw two policemen entering the place where they found a young man brandishing a knife.

The man was brought under control by one of the policemen, while more policemen and paramedics entered the store.

A policeman stated in the investigations that he saw a quarrel inside a store and so he and his colleague entered the store where they saw a young man brandishing a knife with his clothes full of blood.

They also found another man lying on the store floor covered in blood.

The paramedics tried to rescue the other man but he succumbed to his injuries.

On interrogation, the suspect stated that he was a friend of the victim but as the latter accused him of stealing a sum of money and demanded him to return it, he felt humiliated and decided to seek revenge.

Consequently, as he saw him in the store, he did not hesitate to stab him.

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