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Meet Aamir Qutub, an airport cleaner turned tech millionaire

Aamir Qutub poses next of a Ferrari sports car.

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A young Indian millionaire, Aamir Qutub, who just turned 33, and founded a 100-employee tech company worth $2 million, has become the benchmark of a success story.

His story inspires would-be achievers, provided one is passionate about his work and continuously strives for his goals.

Aamir Qutub, who grew up in a small town in India known as Saharanpur, moved to Australia ten years ago to study for an MBA. He started the journey of success from there.

The details of the trip are full of failures and sadness, but it is devoid of despondency, although he submitted 300 job applications, but did not get any chance of a single job interview. But now he gives advice to young entrepreneurs, writing down their failures and studying them well, so that they can avoid mistakes and succeed.

“Moving to Australia was very scary, because everything was new to me, and my English was not good to help me communicate with people, and it was difficult to find jobs without experience, and I had no experience in India, I was a young man.”

He continued, "I decided to pursue several professions, including a cleaner at Avalon Airport in Victoria, and I spent six months there, but I left, to try to start my software project after finishing my university career."

Aamir Qutub poses with his wife at their residence.

According to Daily Mail newspaper, Aamir used to travel three hours to reach the university, and spend the day studying there, and in the afternoon from 2 am to 7 am he was working in packing and redistributing newspapers, and that in his last year of school, he did an internship at at tech company ICT Geelong, and within 15 days he was promoted to Operations Manager, and his love of work made him work closely with the company's General Manager, and when the position of General Manager became vacant after a little less than two years, he became Interim General Manager.

He added: “After my appointment as the direct head of the company, its revenues increased by 300%.”

But he decided to put all his efforts into launching his own company.

The young Indian in Australia spent days handing out flyers at bus and train stations in the hope that someone would give him a chance, until he met a man on a train who was running his own small business.

What prompted Aamir to set up his company, Enterprise Monkey Proprietor Ltd, in 2014 with just $2,000, initially doing the work out of his brother-in-law's garage. “The biggest challenge was finding clients,” Aamir said.

“I was new to the country and didn’t know how to do business, and now my team has 100 employees, 80 of them working remotely in India, to create apps that help companies save money and increase revenue.

To be successful, I wanted to pursue what I loved, and I had that belief in myself.”

"My father wanted me to go back to India, to do a government job, as it's all about the qualifications you have in India, but in Australia it's not about education, it's about skill set, so I preferred to settle in Australia," he added.

The young businessman, who has a remarkable success story, confirmed that Covid-19 did not affect his work, as he decided to create an application called Angel Next Door, which allowed neighbours to ask for help with things such as groceries or medicines when they were in isolation, and in a short period he had 100,000 subscribers, noting that he encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to continue the journey, advising them not to worry about small hiccups, enjoy the journey, no matter what failures you encounter.

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