VIDEO: Father tutors child in maths for a year, breaks down in tears when son scores only 6 out of 100 - GulfToday

VIDEO: Father tutors child in maths for a year, breaks down in tears when son scores only 6 out of 100


A combo image shows the father crying in his bedroom in Zhengzhou, China.

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A video of a man crying secretly in his bedroom after his son’s poor performance in maths exam in China’s Zhengzhou has gone viral.

It was quite unusual for a father to cry over his child’s exam performance but in this case the father was upset because he had been tutoring his son in maths for a year.

The video was posted on social media by none other than the wife of the man, who can be heard laughing at her husband’s reaction on their child’s school result.

In the video, the woman explains the whole situation by saying that her husband has a bachelor's degree, and she has a bachelor's degree.

“When my husband came to know that his son only got 6 marks in the math test, he could no longer hide his inner feelings and hid in the bedroom and secretly cried,” wife explains.

The father wanted to make his child perform more consistently in all subjects especially in maths.

So he took it upon himself to tutor his son, who till then was scoring 40-50 marks in maths, and to make child score high grades.

But, after tutoring son for a whole year the kid got only 6 marks out of 100, the disappointment became too much for dad to hide and he started crying.

In the video the sobbing father can be heard saying "I don't care anymore, my efforts have been wasted now let him struggle by himself."

Reaction of netizens was divided on the whole issue. Some sympathized with the father whereas some said father might not be skilled and said he needs to improve his maths.

One net users jokingly said, “my blood sugar is higher than this child's grade.”

Some said mathematics actually depends on talent. Some people can't do it at all, and some people are gifted, so father need not to be discouraged .

Some netizens even suggested that father needs counseling.

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