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VIDEO: 52-year-old British man walks from England to Makkah for Hajj

Local residents receive Adam Muhammad at Makkah on Sunday.

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A 52-year-old British pilgrim Adam Muhammad arrived in Makkah on Sunday, after completing about 11 months’ journey on foot to perform the Hajj 2022.

The Brit of Kurdistan origin was overwhelmed with joy upon his arrival at the city.

A large crowd at the Masjid e Aisha received him.

Adam said he began his journey on foot from Britain 10 months and 26 days ago, passing through 9 countries, to reach Makkah to perform Hajj this year.

Adam said he endured all sorts of troubles and difficulties in an arduous journey, including the harsh weather.

Upon his arrival in Makkah, he said, "Hajj is my highest and dearest wish," expressing his thanks to the people of the Kingdom who have showered him with their generosity since his arrival in Saudi Arabia.

Adam Muhammad rests for a while next to his cart. File

Adam completed a 6,500 km journey from Britain’s Wolverhampton to the Saudi Arabian city of Makkah.

Mohammed passed through the Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Syria and Jordan before entering Saudi Arabia.

Adam told local media that one day I woke up and told myself that I am going to walk to Hajj. And I did it.

Adam Muhammad walks along a highway in the hash winter of Europe. File

Adam was pushing a cart that had his belongings and used a rest stop.

Adam has named his ordeal, “the peace journey.”

Saudi Arabia had announced new procedures for those wishing to perform the Hajj rites this year, with its preparations to receive one million pilgrims from inside and outside the Kingdom.

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