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VIDEO: Knife-wielding monkey that terrorised Brazilian city, captured


A videograb shows the knife-wielding monkey .

Syed Shayaan Bakht, Gulf Today

A video clip of a monkey sharpening a long knife and at times wielding at passersby in Corrente, Piauí, Brazil, went viral on social media.

The armed monkey appeared on the balcony of a building near the city's shopping centre, brandishing a knife and threatening passersby, then sharpening it against the stonewall.

"The monkey has been terrorising the city for a week…," said Alessandro Guerra, a local resident who filmed the video.

He emphasized that the people in the area were concerned because they can't leave their doors or windows open, while others find it a funny fact.

The local authority in Corrente said it was aware of the case.

The crisis was finally settled when the animal welfare agents came to capture the animal.

Several photos released on social media show the not very happy ape caged.

monkey The monkey was captured by animal welfare agents.

The authorities said the monkey would be taken to the Animal Rehabilitation Center located at the headquarters of the Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Water Resources in Teresina.

The vet said that after undergoing rehabilitation the ape must be sent back to the wild.

Video of monkey sharpening a knife and washing clothes was captured this Friday, June 24 by teams from the Chico Mendes Institute (ICMBio), in Corrente, Piauí.

The monkey will undergo a rehabilitation process to be returned to the wild.

According to environmental analyst Jonail Lustosa, the monkey has the behavior of a domesticated animal.

However, it is not known who the monkey's former owner was.

"He was certainly domesticated. He let people get close to him, and he even stayed on their lap," commented the analyst.

According to Lustosa, the suspicion is that the monkey was domesticated and then abandoned.

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