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VIDEO: Minivan flies off trailer after crashing into low overpass in Florida


A videograb shows the trailer approaching the Broward County overpass in Florida.

Gulf Today Report

 A horrific crash was captured on the dashcam of a vehicle in Florida at Broward County overpass.

The video shows a minivan flying off the bed of a trailer truck carrying several vans.

The chaotic scene on the Florida highway was no less than a fast and furious franchise action scene.

The trailer driver could not anticipate the top van on its bed would hit the overpass.

According to local media, the trailer truck was heading on a highway in Fort Lauderdale when the accident took place.

The dashcam clearly shows the speeding truck loaded with vans hit the overpass, which was under construction. Luckily no one was injured in the accident.

The powerful collision knocked the van off the trailer.

The van hits several other vehicles on the highway, but a major accident was averted.

A cloud of dust shrouds the highway. The traffic was affected for a while, but eventually everything went back to normal.

Social Media users were quick to react to the accident.

Foustin Muma Jnr wrote on Twitter, “The driver was carried away with what was in his mind because he could have avoided that if he paid attention to the heights…”

Eliciafe Recibe said, “That car that was following too close just found out why you are supposed to keep your distance.” 

Nick Sandlin said, “Why would you be anyone close to behind that? Nope nope nope…”

Another wrote, “Thank goodness there were no casualties…”

An investigation has been launched to know the exact cause of the accident.  

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