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Woman pays 2 million Syrian pounds to friends to kill husband and ditch body in canal


The culprit and the victim's bike seized by the Syrian police.

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Security forces of the Syrian regime arrested a woman who killed her husband in cooperation with her two friends in Masyaf, Hama Governorate.

The ministry of interior of the Syrian regime government said that a citizen named "Ghinwa. S" in the city of Masyaf had filed a report that her husband, Mohamed A, had been absent from home for several days, in an attempt to cover up her crime.

In a post on Facebook, the ministry stated that it had found the body of a young man dumped in the irrigation canal near the village of Mahrusah bearing the same descriptions as the plaintiff's husband, and the body was taken to the hospital for examination, to confirm that the victim was her absent husband.

The ministry added that suspicions of the husband's killing swirled around his wife, who confessed after confronting her with the evidence, noting that she agreed with the so-called "Samer. S." and "Firas. S." to kill her husband.

In her confessions, the wife said that she called the first person on the day of the incident, and told him that her husband was going to fetch firewood from a location near his farm on his bike. The duo organised the rest of the plan. Her husband was absent for a week after the incident.

The so-called Firas, after his arrest, confessed to the crime in association with Samer, killing the victim in exchange for an amount of two million Syrian pounds.

He died, and the body was thrown into a technical pit within the poultry house, and they burned his clothes, and sold his bicycle and shared the money.

Two days after they committed the crime, they pulled the dead body out of the pit, washed it with detergents and perfumes, and threw it into the irrigation canal near the village of Al Mahrousa, where it was found, according to what the Ministry of Interior said in its statement.

Murders in Syria

The areas under the control of the Syrian regime witness the occurrence of many murders in light of the lawlessness.

Syria topped the list of Arab countries with a high crime rate, and ranked ninth globally, for the year 2021, according to the Numbeo Crime Index website, which specialises in indicators of crime in the world.

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