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Naif Police launch safety campaign, seize over 400 bicycles


Police officials with seized bicyles.

Gulf Today,Staff Reporter 

The Naif Police Station which has recently launched a campaign aiming at enhance the road safety.

During the campaign police seized  more than 400 bicycles for violating traffic rules. Brigadier Tarik Tahlak, director of Naif police station pointed out that the campaign aims to seize the bikes whose owners use traffic information boards as a parking site.

Electric bikes (e-scooters) which were parked on the main streets and markets, especially on the opposite direction of incoming traffic and on sidewalks were also seized.

Police warned that parking bike and cycles at the signboards and the main streets

causes many traffic accidents and jeopardises lives of road users.

Brigadier Tahlak also affirmed that the Naif police have intensified the security presence in all areas of its jurisdiction.

The violators were fined for violating the traffic rules and to protect the lives of road users.

The campaign also enhances the role played by the Dubai Police to achieve strategic goal and spread traffic rules’ awareness among society members.

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