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Drunk British driver jailed for jumping red light in Dubai


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Traffic Court sentenced a 42-year-old British driver to one month in imprisonment for several traffic offences including DUI, Counselor Salah Bu Faroosha Al Falasi, Senior Advocate General and Head of Traffic Prosecution in Dubai, revealed on Wednesday.

The Court also suspended his driving licence for six months with immediate effect. The Public Prosecution charged the driver with driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, jumping the red light, driving in the opposite direction and damaging property.

The Public Prosecution demanded to impose stiff penalties on the accused. Investigations on the accused driver’s unlawful driving commenced after his case was referred from the Bur Dubai Police Station.

Salah Bu Faroosha stated that a Dubai Police security patrol apprehended the accused after he was seen driving in the opposite direction of traffic, jumping the red light and causing damage to property. He was found to have a blood alcohol content of 179% in a breathalyser test. The accused confessed to the charges, following which the Public Prosecution ordered his detention pending a full investigation. Investigative and legal formalities were completed in preparation for the final referral of the case to a competent court.

Salah Bu Faroosha praised the vigilance shown by the Dubai Police in apprehending violators of traffic laws. He urged all drivers to exercise extreme caution when driving on the road and abiding by all traffic rules in order to protect the safety of all drivers and prevent damage to public and private property. He stressed that Dubai authorities maintain zero tolerance against DUI.

Head of Traffic Prosecution urges drivers to exercise caution on the roads and adhere to safety rules. Public Prosecution reiterates Dubai’s zero tolerance against DUI.

Separately, the Dubai Misdemeanor Court recently sentenced an African to three months in jail to be followed by deportation on charges of possessing 628 bottles of alcoholic beverages inside a vehicle, which was found to be stolen and for which a search warrant was issued in another emirate.  

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