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Naiyera Ashraf’s killer harassed her everyday before slitting her throat over marriage proposal in Egypt

A videograb shows Mohammed Adel at the crime site after killing Naiyera Ashraf in Mansoura, Egypt.

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The Egyptian Attorney general Hamada El Sawy ordered to remand university student Mohammed Adel, 21, in pretrial detention after he confessed to murdering Naiyera Ashraf, 21, in front of her university in Mansoura, Egypt.

The university student was killed after she refused to marry him.

According to the police, the crime was committed due to the victim's refusal to have a relationship with the culprit.

In a statement, El Sawy stated that he had ordered the detention of the suspect, Mohammed Adel, for 4 days pending investigations, on charges of premeditated murder of student Naiyera in front of Mansoura University in Dakahlia Governorate.

A combo image of Naiyera Ashraf at Mansoura University in Egypt.

A video clip of a university student stabbing a girl in the street before being caught by passersby has spread on Facebook.

According to the statement of the Attorney general, the suspect confessed to the premeditated murder of the victim due to the differences between them and her refusal to be engaged to him.

Witnesses, including the girl's parents, affirmed that the suspect constantly harassed the victim due to the failure of their relationship and her rejection of him, and that customary sessions were held and official records were issued against him more than two months before to take his pledge not to harass her anymore.

The short video stirred anger among Egyptians on social media platforms, and one of them wrote: "It is a painful incident and a heinous crime, which requires the whole society to take more care of their sons and daughters, raise them on authentic values and develop their religious faith."

Frequent facts

Over the past months, several incidents of murder have shaken the Egyptian society, to the point that the Al-Azhar Institution has urged people to take the help of law in solving their issues.

In late May, a mother in the village of Mit Ghamr, which is affiliated with the center and city of Minyat al-Nasr in Dakahlia Governorate, slaughtered her three sons, and then tried to get rid of her life after going through some psychological condition.


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A few days before that, there was a rural massacre, in which a person killed five members of his family; the father, his two sons and his two grandchildren following social and family disputes, while the wife survived.

In April, the Shubra El-Kheima area in Greater Cairo witnessed the slaughter of another young man in the middle of the street, and preliminary investigations revealed crime took place over children’s play, and a quarrel broke out between them.

A man intervened and didn’t like the other man’s argument and hacked the other man to death.

In January, a woman in her forties was murdered with a knife by three of her brothers in front of her 15-year-old daughter in the Giza governorate.

Egypt-execution-750x450 Abdel Rahman Nazmi stands during the court proceedings. File

Last November, Ismailia governorate witnessed a horrific crime. A young man, Abdel Rahman Nazmi, slaughtered another in the middle of the street and separated the head from his body and walked among passersby holding the severed head in his hand.

Crime rates in Egypt have increased remarkably in recent years, as Egypt ranks fourth in the Arab world, 16th in the African continent and 24th globally in murder, according to a Human Rights body that specializes in measuring crime rates between countries.

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