VIDEO: Groom thrashes bride at wedding after she won a game during a toast in Uzbekistan - GulfToday

VIDEO: Groom thrashes bride at wedding after she won a game during a toast in Uzbekistan

The groom and bride share the stage during their wedding in Uzbekistan.

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A groom in Uzbekistan has thrashed his new bride at their wedding in front of guests just because she won a game during the marriage ritual.

The heartbreaking moment was caught on camera.

The bride lived through the worst scenario as her smile and joy dissipated into tears and astonishment after her groom suddenly attacked her.

According to local media, it all started when the bride defeated her groom in a game during their wedding ritual in Uzbekistan.

The newlywed couple was on stage at their wedding when a relative made them participate in a pageant.

The bride won the game, and when the groom realised that he had been overpowered, he hit her hard on the back of the head with his fist.

The shocked and stunned bride put her hand on her head, before lifting her white wedding dress off the floor and two women taking her off the stage.

Meanwhile the whole audience was shocked as the party music and the disco lights of the party continued unchanged around them. The groom remained on the stage, as if nothing had happened, staring at the silent crowd that moments before had been singing to the couple.

Wedding footage went viral on social media in Central Asia, and people reacted angrily on Twitter, with one person writing on the social media platform: "This is so sad," "I hope you find the courage to charge him and hold him accountable for his actions."

It is strange that it is not the first time that a video showing the groom criticising his new wife has appeared in the country.

In 2019, a clip of a similar incident in Uzbekistan caught the attention of the public, where the groom angrily assaulted his bride over the wedding cake.

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