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Exams for 3-12 grades in UAE to start on Monday


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Mohamed Ibrahim, Staff Reporter

The end of the third semester exams for the academic year 2021-2022 will start on Monday for the 3-12 grades in all government and private schools that follow the Ministry of Education’s curriculum.

Students of the 12th grade will start exams on June 13 and continue until the 17th, while students from the third to eighth will conclude exams on June 16, and students of the ninth to eleventh grades will finish on June 17.

The Emirates Schools Establishment (ESE) stressed that the exams would be online and in person at school premises for all students of grades 5-12, with the need to bring their tablets during the exam.

"While, students of the third and fourth grades will perform exams in paper at school. Use of calculator is not allowed for students of the first and second cycles, but it is permitted for students of the third cycle. Students can leave the hall one hour after the start of the exam," SES said.

Two hours is the total period of the online exam with no specified time for each question. Moreover, students can return to their answers for revision or changing before submitting. Students must adhere to the official school uniform, SES added.

Students of the 12th grade of private schools will take their exams in government schools for all subjects, except “Islamic education, social studies and health sciences,” as they were conducted in their schools under the supervision and joint coordination with the SES. While students of the Tolerance Schools will take all their exams in the government schools.

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