63-year-old guard raped 9 underage girls at Moroccan health centre after luring them with food and shelter - GulfToday

63-year-old guard raped 9 underage girls at Moroccan health centre after luring them with food and shelter


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The Moroccan authorities arrested a health centre guard in the province of Sidi Kacem (northwest of the country) on suspicion of being involved in the rape of several underage girls, according to local media.

According to the Moroccan media, two schoolgirls blew up the case, after they were seeking refuge in the health center located next to the educational institution in which they study.

According to the girls, the 63-year-old guard tried to rape the first pupil, but after she escaped, he forcibly raped the second girl causing her to lose consciousness.

The girl was taken to Jurf Al-Maha Hospital, and after examination, it was found that she had been raped.


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According to reports, the girl suffered from severe pain and bleeding and the doctor discovered that she had been sexually assaulted.

The doctor issued a certificate proving the rape, and asked the girl to go with her family to the royal gendarmerie police station to report the incident.

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Media reported that the accused raped between 7 to 9 underage girls, their ages ranged from 13 to 16 years.

The accused took advantage of the girls' poverty to deceive them, by giving them clothes and gifts, while one of the victims admitted that the accused had given her 30 Moroccan dirhams.

Human Rights officials called on the Ministry of Health and Social Protection to open an investigation into the security guard at the health center.

It is reprehensible that minors and non-adults are allowed to enter the center without an escort or guardian.

The officials called on the authorities to confront the crimes of "pedophilia."

The competent authorities had arrested the accused, and he was referred to the Public Prosecution Office to take the necessary measures.


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