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VIDEO: This is how Texas school children killer Salvador Ramos carried out the operation

A combo image shows Salvador Ramos with the purchased rifles.

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Information continues and unfolds first about the massacre that took place in an elementary school in the US state of Texas, after a person named Salvador Ramos shot indiscriminately at students, killing 21 people, including 18 students.

Who is the killer?

The killer who carried out the bloody attack has been search and investigated.

Everyone started talking about his identity and why he carried out this heinous act, as US media reported that the 18-year-old gunman was a student at Uvalde High School.

The media quoted the authorities in the state that the suspect shot and killed his grandmother, before opening fire in the school and killing a number of students and teachers.

Prior to shooting students

Before carrying out the operation, the shooter sent a message to a friend showing the purchase of two rifles from an online seller.

It contained a picture of the purchase invoice showing that he had paid $1,870 for the purchase of two rifles.

The media added that the gunman bought two assault rifles on his birthday a few days ago, and posted frightening posts on his Instagram account hours before the massacre.

The media went on to tell the details about the killer, and said that after he shot his grandmother, he rammed his car near the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde at about 11:30 am local time.

The authorities also confirmed that the attacker was a local resident, and acted alone, and that he left his car near the school, whose area is 120 kilometers from the border with Mexico, a school that houses 500 students, aged 7 to 10 years.

Opened fire on everyone

The media quoted a spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety, Chris Olivares, as saying that "as soon as he entered the school, he started shooting children and teachers, whoever was in his way... He was shooting everyone."

The spokesman added that after the shooting, the killer's accounts via Instagram and "Tik Tok" were deleted by the competent authorities.

In response to this massacre, US President Joe Biden addressed a speech in which he called on the United States to stand up to the gun lobby, and asked: "When, for God's sake, will we stand up to the gun lobby?"

"It's time to turn this pain into action, for every parent, for every citizen of this country," Biden continued. “We must make it clear to every elected official in this country that it is time to act.”

“I'm tired of this”

He added, “I am tired of this. We have to act and stop these massacres.” A child cannot go and buy a gun, that's wrong. We must stand up to these actions.”

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