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6-year-old Syrian girl tied with rope by grandparents, left outside the house


A combo image shows Maram at a hospital and at the time of her rescue.

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A photo of a 6-year-old Syrian girl handcuffed and left outside a house has drawn public ire. According to local media, details have emerged about girl named Maram.

In a shocking revelation, it turned out that the 6-year-old girl had been living with her grandparents for years after the death of her parents.

According to media reports she was treated very neglectfully and left for hours outside the house tied with a rope. The incident was documented in a video.

According to Al Souria Net, Maram was transferred to Bab Al Hawa Hospital, where doctors confirmed that she suffered from severe malnutrition, ulcers on her head and body as well as severe fatigue as a result of negligence.

Mahmoud Qaddah, a pediatric surgeon at Bab Al-Hawa Hospital, explained that the girl's body is responding to treatment after several specialists prescribed the line of treatment.

He added that the child is receiving treatment for skin ulcers that she suffers from.

In a new development, the police chief of the Sarmada region of the Syrian province of Idlib confirmed that the police patrols arrested the girl's grandfather and his wife as soon as the video clip spread on social media, and they will be duly referred to the judiciary to receive their punishment.

The police chief indicated that grandparents neglected her because of the reason she is disabled as a result of a previous war injury, stressing that the girl is currently in good health.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights earlier issued a statement about the video that showed the girl who was abused and handcuffed in a tragic scene, and said: “The observatory condemns such heinous behavior by people and who do not fear trial. The observatory calls for accountability for those who abuse of the girl."

Activists expressed their anger and condemned such horrific crimes targeting children.

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