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VIDEO: Abu Dhabi Police share horrific accident videos caused by bad tyres


A videograb shows a minivan loses control after one of its tyres burst in Abu Dhabi.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The Abu Dhabi Police have shared horrific accident videos caused by bad tyres in the emirate’s roads on Thursday.

The said in the caption, “Abu Dhabi Police called on drivers to check the tyres of their vehicles, to ensure their safety and the absence of any damage or cracks that could cause the tire to explode and the occurrence of serious traffic accidents, especially during the summer period as a result of the rise in air temperatures.”

The police urged drivers to use the items that conform to the specifications of the authorities and car dealers, and to ensure the suitability of the tyre used, its size, the temperature it can withstand, the appropriate load, the year of manufacture, and the suitability of the tyres of their vehicles for long trips in cases of traveling by road.

The police pointed to the main reasons that lead to the occurrence of traffic accidents during the summer, which include the expiration of tyres, the lack or increase in air pressure in the tires, overloading and frequent use of long distances.

The authorities emphasized the intensification of traffic control and the application of the law to violators within the strategic priority of making the roads safer, and the application of Article 82 of the Traffic Law, which stipulate a fine of Dhs500, and 4 black points, and the seizure of the vehicle for a week because the vehicle’s tires are not valid while driving.


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